Custom Gears for Gearmotor

The advantages of powder metallurgy gears are as follows: 1. One-time molding: low cost, high production efficiency, one-time molding and finishing process, no need to reprocess gear teeth after molding. It can fully meet the dimensional accuracy requirements, especially the tooth shape accuracy. 2. Lubrication-free parts: Due to the processing characteristics of Powdered Metal Gears, oil-containing parts can be made to form lubrication-free parts. 3. High utilization rate of resources: There is no waste in the gear forming process, which is the best for the utilization of steel resources. 4. The repeatability of sintered gears is very good. Because powder metallurgy gears are formed by pressing molds, under normal conditions of use, a pair of molds can press tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of gear blanks. Welcome to send us the drawing for custom: Gears, sun gears, Double gears, DC motor gears, Gearbox parts, Planetary gears, mini motor gears, bevel gears, powdered metal gears, Helical gears, powder metal gears, sintered metal, sintered parts, sintered gears