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Factory customized powder metallurgy sintering lock core

Raw Material

Iron Powder, iron alloy powder, Stainless Steel, Cooper, Steel, Iron,Alloy steel

Surface Treatment

High frequency quenching, oil impregnation, tumbling ,plating, steam treating etc .


1. High density from 6.0- 7.9 g/cm3

2. Hardness: HRA 30-80

3. Accuracy: ±0.01 mm 

4. No crumbling, cracks, burrs, metal pitting and other defects 

5. High productivity, cost-efficient, energy saving 


ISO9001 / TS16949


widely used in machinery, household appliances, electronic machines, commercial machines, automobiles

Powder metallurgy technology can be directly made into porous, semi-compact or full-compact materials and products, such as Auto parts, Oilite bushing, Gears, Shock absorber parts, Oil pump parts, Electric tools parts, etc, which is a less cutting process. Powder metal customized parts: