High Performance Power Transmission System Part - Customized complex gear – Jingshi

Product Description Technology: Powder Metallurgy Surface Treatment: Grinding,Quenching, Polishing Material Standard: MPIF 35, DIN 30910, JIS Z2550 Density: 6.2 - 7.1 g/cm3 Macro Hardness: 45-80 HRA Tensile Strength: 1650 Mpa Ultimate Yield Strength(0.2%): 1270 Mpa Ultimate Size: Customized Size Customized complex structure powder metallurgy gears, density, technical requirements are fully customized. The powder metallurgy parts advantage : have a certain amount of open pore, usually containing 5% - 5% of the lubricating oil, in order to offer some degree of self lubricating, thus improve the wear resistance.High toughness and high impact strength.Than ordinary steel gear noise is small. Application of the field Used in automobile, motorcycle, gear transmission system, household appliances, tractors, oil pump and other fields.