Advantages and disadvantages of powder metallurgy gears

Powder metallurgy gears are widely used in powder metallurgy products. Powder metallurgy gears are used in the automotive industry, various mechanical equipment, motors, home appliances and other industries.


Ⅰ Advantages of powder metallurgy gears

1. Generally, the manufacturing process of powder metallurgy gears is few.

2. When using powder metallurgy to manufacture gears, the material utilization rate can reach more than 95%

3. The repeatability of powder metallurgy gears is very good. Because powder metallurgy gears are formed by pressing molds, under normal conditions of use, a pair of molds can press tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of gear blanks.

4. Powder metallurgy method can integrate several parts manufacturing

5. The material density of powder metallurgy gears is controllable.

6. In powder metallurgy production, in order to facilitate the ejection of the compact from the die after forming, the roughness of the working surface of the die is very good.


Ⅱ. Disadvantages of powder metallurgy gears

1. It must be produced in batches. Generally speaking, batches of more than 5000 pieces are more suitable for powder metallurgy production;

2. The size is limited by the pressing capacity of the press. Presses generally have a pressure of several tons to several hundred tons, and the diameter can be made into powder metallurgy if the diameter is basically within 110mm;

3. Powder metallurgy gears are restricted by structure. Due to the reasons of pressing and molds, it is generally not suitable to produce worm gears, herringbone gears and helical gears with a helix angle greater than 35°. Helical gears are generally recommended to design the helical teeth within 15 degrees;

4. The thickness of powder metallurgy gears is limited. The depth of the cavity and the stroke of the press must be 2 to 2.5 times the thickness of the gear. At the same time, considering the uniformity of the height and longitudinal density of the gear, the thickness of the powder metallurgy gear is also very important.

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