Powder metallurgy forging Ⅱ

4,the High mechanical properties

The powder particles are formed by the rapid condensation of small amounts of liquid metal, and the composition of the metal droplets are exactly same with the master alloy,the segregation is limited to the powder particles. Therefore, it can overcome the defects of casting segregation and coarse grain unevenness in common metal materials, and make the material uniform and non-anisotropic.

5, The lower cost and high productivity. The raw material and forging cost of Powder forgings are similar to those of general die forging parts. But the powder forging part have high dimensional accuracy and low surface roughness, which request less or no later processing. Thereby saving the subsequent supporting equipment and working hours. For small parts with complex shapes and large batches, such as gears, spline bushings, connecting rods and other difficult-to-machine parts, the saving effect is particularly obvious.

Because the metal powder is easy to alloy, it is possible to design and prepare raw materials according to the service conditions and performance requirements of the product, thereby changing the traditional forging process that is “processing with incoming materials”, which is conducive to the integration of products, processes, and materials. .

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