OEM/ODM China Engine Part - Factory customized powder metal VVT timing gear for automobile engine parts – Jingshi

Product Description Certificate: ISO9001/TS16949 Origin: China OEM sintered parts, engine part, Iron/copper/steel/OEM MATERIAL: MPIF 35, DIN 30910, JIS Z2550 Surface treatment: High frequency quenching, oil impregnation Processing: Sintering - Powder Metallurgy, Hardness: HRA40-70 Accuracy: ±0.01 mm No crumbling, cracks, burrs, metal pitting and other defects  high productivity, cost-efficient, energy saving Delivery time: 15-30days Package: customized/PE bag+carton+wooden pallet Factory customized powder metal VVT stator and rotor for automobile engine parts, used in the 1.4L engine. This part is made of modified Fe-Cu powder metallurgy material, the complex shape of the parts to form a density of 7.0g / cm3.VVT stator is characterized by five complex shape of the center hole, the pulley and VVT shell implementation integrated design. Very narrow tolerances help to minimize any oil leakage between adjacent pressurized compartments. Powder metallurgy stators help to reduce fuel consumption and the formation of exhaust gases, as well as to improve the engine's operating performance, especially at low speed torque.